Alwar to Bhiwadi

Alwar to Bhiwadi

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Project Details:

The stretch connects the north eastern parts of Rajasthan starting from at the junction of Alwar-Delhi road on Alwar bypass and ending at Bhiwadi. The stretch connects SH-25 at Alwar (at 140 km) and Bhiwadi (at 225 km), which is on the border of Rajasthan and Gurgaon. The length of this project corridor is 85 km.

The major towns’ enroute are Shahabad, Tapukra, Kishangarh Bas and Tijara. Alwar district has about 35% of its boundaries with the developed state of Haryana. The stretch also passes through industrial towns of Bhiwadi, Khushkhera and other industrial areas of Alwar district.

Benefits:This route is a shorter route between Haryana/Delhi to Kota, South-Eastern Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh resulting in saving of time and vehicle operating cost. The project road acts as an alternative route between NH-8 and NH-12, hence the traffic congestion on NH-8 has reduced.


85 Kms


4-Lane with Hard Shoulder

Toll Plazas & Check Barrier (2 & 1 Nos)

  1. At Km 221 near Bhiwadi
  2. At Km 193 near Tijara (Check Barrier)
  3. At Km 163 near Papari

Bypasses (4)

  1. Kishangarh Bas
  2. Bhindusi
  3. Tijara
  4. Tapukada