Baran to Jhalawar

Baran to Jhalawar

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Project Details:

The Project corridor starts at 3 Km off NH-76 from the proposed Baran Bypass and joins NH-12 near Jhalawar. The entire alignment is part of SH-1. Total length of the project corridor is 78 Km.

This road stretch connects the districts of Baran, Kota and Jhalawar. The alignment passes though towns of Khanpur and Mandawar.

Benefits: It connects the northern part of Madhya Pradesh and South of India with the eastern part of the country via East-West corridor project. There is substantial saving in the time and vehicle operating cost


78 Kms


2-Lane with Paved Shoulder

No. of Toll Plazas (1)

At km 56

Bypasses (11)

  1. Bapawar Kalan
  2. Bamla
  3. Mandawar Kalan
  4. Khanpur
  5. Kalmanda
  6. Ladaniya
  7. Golana
  8. Sumer
  9. Bherupura-I
  10. Bagher
  11. Bilasra