Hanumangarh to Kishangarh

Hanumangarh to Kishangarh

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Project Details:

Salient Features: The Project corridor takes off from Sangaria junction of Hanumangarh bypass on SH-7 and joins NH-8 at Kishangarh. The alignment from Hanumangarh to Ratangarh is part of SH-7 (200 Km). From Ratangarh to Suratgarh, the road is part of SH-7C and from Sujangarh to Ladnun, it passes along NH-65 for 6 Km length. Beyond Ladnun upto Kuchaman, the project road is part of SH-7D. After Kuchaman, the project road is part of SH-7 upto Kishangarh. The total length of the project road is about 407 Km, including 6 Km length of National Highway.

This corridor connects the districts of Hanumangarh, Churu, Nagaur and Ajmer. The major towns along the road include Rawatsar, Sardarshahar, Ratangarh, Chhapar, Sujangarh, Ladnun, Didwana, Kuchaman and Parbatsar.

Benefits: The earlier route for the vehicles travelling to and from the cement plants of Rajasthan & Kandla Port, Punjab, Haryana and Northern India, is via NH-8 and NH-l, through Delhi and Ambala. The development of this road stretch has led to a saving of about 120 Km to 200 Km for these vehicles as compared with various alternative routes.


407 Kms


2-Lane with Paved Shoulder

Toll Plaza (6 Nos)

  1. At Km 55+00 near Kesari
  2. At Km 102+00 near Chaapri
  3. At Km 188+00 near Padihara
  4. At Km 234+00 near Malasar
  5. At Km 323+810 near Pallu
  6. At Km 394+00 near Kola

ROBs/RUB (3 Nos)

  1. Hanumangarh (ROB)
  2. Narayanpura (ROB)
  3. Ratangarh (RUB)

Major Bridge (1 No)

 Ghaggar (Near Hanumangarh)

Bypasses (7 Nos)

  1. Sursura
  2. Rupangarh
  3. Parbatsar
  4. Didwana
  5. Kuchaman
  6. Sujangarh
  7. Chhapar