Jhalawar to Jhalawar Road

Jhalawar to Jhalawar Road

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Project Details:

The project corridor starts from junction of NH –12 and Baran-Jhalawar stretch (LJ-2) Jhalawar. The project corridor is a combination of SH, SH-19 and MDR. The total length of the project corridor is 30 km. This corridor connects the Jhalawar district and the major towns along the road include Jhalrapatan and Pipalia.

Benefits:There will be industrial development of Jhalawar and surrounding areas. The commercial traffic movement towards Bhawani Mandi from Jhalawar/Ramganj Mandi and towards Mandsaur (M.P.) from nearby mines would be greatly facilitated. This route is also a shorter route for Madhya Pradesh (Mandsaur, Ratlam etc.) and Southern India. There will be saving of time and vehicle operating cost.


30 Kms

2-Lane with Hard Shoulder

Toll Plaza & Check Barrier (1 & 1 Nos)

  1. At Km 9+300 near Ralayati village
  2. At Km 24+100 near Rajpura village (Check Barrier)