Jhalawar to Ujjain

Jhalawar to Ujjain

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Project Details:

The project corridor takes off from Jhalra Patan Bypass road of NH-12 and joins upto Rajasthan State Border (Ujjain). The total length of the project road is about 31 Km. The road stretch passes through the Jhalawar district and the major towns along the road include Jhalara Patan, Madhavpura, Mundula, Jarel Chowki and Chavali.

Benefits:There will be an industrial development of Jhalawar and surrounding areas. This road diverts the traffic moving between Madhya Pradesh-Delhi on NH-3 to Mega Highway. This will reduce the traffic congestion on NH-3 and NH-12. This route is a shorter route for Madhya Pradesh (Ujjain, Indore), Mumbai to Southern India, Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan resulting in saving of time and vehicle operating cost.


31 Kms


2-Lane with Paved Shoulder

Toll Plaza (1No)

At km 15.700