Khushkhera to Kasola Chowk

Khushkhera to Kasola Chowk

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Project Details:

This Project is a 2-lane with paved shoulder road from Khushkhera to Kasola Chowk (NH-8) which is 7.0 m carriageway with paved shoulders of 1.5 m on both sides of the road. This road would be an alternative link road from NH-8 and would facilitate the traffic movement to providing connectivity to Industrial areas of Bhiwadi and Khushkhera to NH8 at Kasola Chowk. The total length of the project road is 8.5 Km and there is one toll plaza.

This corridor also connects the Alwar District.

Benefits: This project basically provides direct connectivity to the vehicles of industrial area Khushkhera, Chopnki, Sarekhurd, Pathredi & Tapukra entering the region from Rajasthan/Haryana through NH-8 (at Kasola Chowk). This route also shorten the distance from Jaipur for the industries being setup in the industrial area of Khushkhera and Chopanki, Pathredi & Tapukra and thereby will save time & money. There is direct saving of distance of 17 km for the traffic moving towards Jaipur and saving of at least one hour as the vehicles have not to come across the congested Bhiwadi/Dharuhera area. This has become a bypass for the industrial traffic of these areas