Phalodi to Ramji ki Gol

Phalodi to Ramji ki Gol

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Project Details:

The Project corridor takes off from Km 168 of NH - 15 near Phalodi and again joins NH-15 at Ramji Ki Gol. The alignment from Phalodi to Dechu junction forms part of SH - 28 for a length of 32 km. Thereafter, the road passes along NH - 114 for about 25 km toward Shaitrawa. Beyond this point, it is again part of SH-28 up to Pachpadra for a distance of 95 km, before joining NH-112.

The alignment then passes through NH-112 for about 8 km. Subsequently it once again becomes part of SH-28 (130km) from Balotra up to Ramji ki Gol. Total length of the Project Road is 292 km, including 33 km length of National Highway.

The road stretch passes through the districts of Jodhpur and Barmer. Major town/villages enroot are Dechu, Shergarh, Thob, Pachpadra, Balotra, Sindhri and Guda Malani.
To avoid congestion of traffic through urban areas, bypasses have been constructed for Thob and Balotra. One Road over Bridge (ROB) has constructed on the Jodhpur Barmer line on the Balotra Bypass.

Benefits: The earlier route for the vehicles travelling from Punjab, Haryana and other parts of North India to Kandla Port (in Gujrat), is via Phalodi Jaisalmer Barmer Ramji ki Gol on NH-15. The development of this Corridor has led to a saving of about 120 km for all these vehicles. Better facilities for transportation of petroleum products and chemicals shall also be available from the oil exploration programme being planned in Pachpadra.


292 Km


2-Lane Paved Shoulder

Toll Plazas (4 Nos)

  1. At Km 22+00 near Kolu Pabuji
  2. At Km 124+00 near Kelan Kot
  3. At Km 205+00 near Bhooka Bhagat Singh
  4. At Km 262+00 near Naya Nagar

Railway Over Bridge (1 No)

  1. Balotra

Major Bridges (2 Nos)

  1. Balotra Bypass
  2. Sindhri on Luni River

Bypasses (2 Nos)

  1. Thob
  2. Balotra