Rawatsar Nohar Bhadra upto Haryana Border

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Rawatsar Nohar Bhadra upto Haryana Border

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Project Details:

The project road is a part of Hisar – Bhadra – Nohar – Rawatsar Road and falling in Hanumangarh District of Rajasthan. It starts from Hisar in Haryana State, Km 30+400 is at Haryana / Rajasthan Border and Km 147+723 is at Rawatsar which is on Km 363 of the Ratangarh – Hanumangarh Section of SH 7 (Mega Highway). The total length of the project road from Rajasthan State Border to Rawatsar is 117.324 Km.

This corridor connects the Hanumangarh district and the major towns along the road include Nohar and Bhadra. This road also connects major cities of Haryana like Sirsa, Hisar, Rohtak, Bhiwani to Suratgarh, Hanumangarh, Sri Ganganagar, Bikaner, Jaisalmer in the State of Rajasthan

Benefits:This stretch has increased road capacity and improved pavements have reduced the travel time and lowered the costs of vehicle use. It has also increased access to markets, jobs, education and health services and reduced transport costs for both freight and passengers, reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions from the vehicles plying on the road, enhance safety / reduction in road accidents and fatalities. The road has better & shortest connectivity between Ambala – Hisar – Sadulshahar (NH 65) & Delhi to Hisar to Dabwali (NH 10) to the Hanumangarh to Kishangarh (SH 7).


117.324 Kms


2-Lane with Hard Shoulder

Toll Plaza/Check Barrier (2&1 Nos)

  1. At Km 43+200 near Amarpura village (Check Barrier)
  2. At Km 72+700 near Gogameri village
  3. At Km 124+500 near Topariya village